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Setting the standard in Innovative EHS solutions

Cintellate TM is SAI Global’s industry leading solution for the management of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) responsibilities.

Designed to simplify real-time monitoring of your EHS performance, Cintellate will promote transparency and accountability throughout your organisation.

Highly configurable, Cintellate includes a web-based designer toolkit, giving your subject matter experts the flexibility to align the solution to your business processes as they evolve.

Cintellate harnesses the collective intelligence of your organisation to reduce operational risk and improve your EHS performance.

One of the most flexible offerings in the market, Cintellate will give you visibility and transparency of your EHS indicators.

It provides your key decision makers with the information they need for taking positive, proactive steps to mitigate EHS risks enterprise wide.

Our Web based Designer Tools allow for a more intuitive configuration experience using a WYSWYG model (What You See is What You Get).

Client Administrators can easily perform their own configuration maintenance of the system by having the text and layout of the screens displayed in a format closely resembling the finished product.

Cintellate has been designed to adapt to an organisations business processes via our easy to use configuration toolset and without the need for the development of custom code.

We encourage our clients to configure the system to suit their needs and maximise their ROI. All configuration changes are preserved during the upgrade process.

Highly configurable

Cintellate can be configured to fit your business needs, organizational structure and internal processes.

Improved look and feel

Modern and uncluttered interface with greater screen real-estate available to the workspace and navigation. The interface can easily be re-skinned using corporate colours.

Easy to upgrade

Easy to upgrade. Upgrade quickly from recent releases while maintaining configuration and data.

Improved menu system

Intuitive placement and navigation of menu system improving the general user experience.

Dashboard designer

Featuring a “Drag and Drop” dashboard configuration functionality and easier management reporting capabilities.

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SAI Global’s new reporting suite, Cintellate Business Intelligence (BI), represents an entirely new reporting experience for all users. Cintellate BI is fully integrated within the web application and forms part of our latest release, version 7.

Cintellate BI makes EHS information analysis simple, personalised and dynamic. Increase end-user autonomy with self-service, intuitive reporting tools that allow end-users to access, analyze and visualize any data, all while minimizing dependence on IT.

More complex reporting requirements are supported by the Cintellate BI Report Designer, which provides a visual design environment for report writers to easily create sophisticated and rich reports based on prepared data from a variety of data sources.

Promote EHS business intelligence across your organization with compelling, insightful dashboards that can display trends, KPIs, scorecards and more. Cintellate BI features interactive, role-based dashboards that are able to deliver the desired numbers to key decision makers immediately. Reveal patterns and trends in new and unexpected areas and identify opportunities to be proactive about EHS in the workplace and improve organizational performance.

Roam online, Roam offline, always connected

Cintellate Roam, our mobile application, is the perfect companion for clients who need to capture critical data in the field

Simply complete the form and when the mobile device is within network range the data will automatically upload, eliminating the need for transcribing paper forms or capturing data twice. Even in locations where a Wi-Fi or cellular network is unavailable, you can still use Cintellate Roam. Anywhere, anytime.

Cintellate Roam is available as an add-on to the standard Cintellate software and can be configured to work alongside any Cintellate module currently licenced for your business.

Experience productivity gains from reduced duplication of effort and a reduction in misdirected effort due to inaccurate information or interpretation.

Incorporate visual evidence into a report

The ability to take photos of the scene, objects, equipment and the like provides invaluable context for analysis and improvement opportunities.

Always available

Move beyond the confines of Network access Wi-Fi or a cellular network and still capture relevant information on a mobile device.

Easy to set up

The configuration of Cintellate and the mobile device consists of simple administrative tasks.

Integrated voice recognition technology

Enables entry of text without typing.

Intuitive interface with easy to navigate screens and buttons

Little or no training is required for end users to start using immediately.

Simple Deployment

Cintellate Roam is available via a flexible and affordable subscription based license model.

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Upcoming webinars

The next Cintellate webinar series start soon, watch this space for details.

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